Vibrant health that helps you radiate from within.

Your life goals and passions are best achieved when you are in an optimal state of health.
We are ready to help you create the path!

The best of Modern Medicine. The best of Naturopathy. Now at one trusted spot.

Mindful Healing Integrative Naturopathy is a progressive medical practice offering a unique health care model that integrates the best of modern science with the most effective natural therapeutics using a functional medicine orientation.

We also provide primary care services so that we can fully integrate general family medicine with holistic medicine.

We utilize a variety of diagnostic tests and evaluations to determine the root cause of your symptoms so we can help you heal and reach your health goals. We provide individualized plans that help our patients reach their health goals.

Many times, conventional medical treatments may not work very well for chronic conditions; they may not address the cause and only relieve symptoms. We believe in the combined perspective (conventional medicine and naturopathy) to achieve optimal health.

We believe that health is a dynamic state of being; not just absence of disease. This is why our goal for you is to achieve vibrant health so that you may always radiate from within.

The Mindful Healing Process

  1. You are unique and so is your story. We put you at ease and take the time to understand your needs without rushing you.
  2. You can count on our knowledge, expertise and diagnostic tests to carefully identify the root causes that may be bothering you.
  3. We work with you together to custom the ideal lifestyle, nutritional and medical plan to put you in control of your optimal health.
  4. We teach you how prevention is the key to maintaining and continually improving towards your health goals.

The Mindful Healing Promise:

  1. You Know Yourself, We Know Health: Unrushed appointments with health experts are our key to life-changing health.
  2. We Have the Knowledge, You Have the Power: You will get more than 20 years of combined experience in naturopathic and conventional medicine at your service.
  3. The Advantage of Partnerships: We also understand that your doctor will work together with you and we will partner with him or her to offer you the best treatment plan.
  4. Supplements: We only prescribe, when needed, high quality and clinically proven supplements from the best companies in the market.
  5. Ease of Access: You can contact our doctors any time by email for quick consultations.
  6. Convenience: Our patients love the convenience of online scheduling and payments.

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