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When it comes to women’s health, there are several unique concerns to address. Many women have dealt with health issues for so long that they don’t even realize there’s help available.

These can include menstrual complications, fertility concerns, and more, but you don’t have to suffer alone. The Mindful Healing Clinic offers naturopathic solutions for many of the most common women’s health concerns.

Are you tired all the time, even after a long sleep? Are you unexpectedly gaining weight? Are you having trouble sleeping? These and other symptoms could be indicative of a disorder of your thyroid, a small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck.

There are a wide range of different thyroid disorders, and there are naturopathic treatments available that can help you manage your condition more effectively.

We get most of our nutrients by eating healthy foods, but what happens when your digestive system can’t absorb those nutrients?

Digestive conditions are at the root of many illnesses, can impact your quality of life and cause a wide range of other related health concerns, including malnourishment and nutritional deficiencies.

The Mindful Healing Clinic offers naturopathic solutions which may help.

Are you waking up exhausted, even after a long night’s sleep? Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or having trouble dealing with the everyday stresses of life? If so, you may have a hormonal imbalance.
Trust the Mindful Healing Clinic to work to determine the root cause of your symptoms, and provide a treatment plan with the goal of getting you feeling good once more.

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About Our
Naturopathic Clinic

What is health? Is it just being free of disease?

If your medical doctor gives you a clean bill of health, does that mean there’s no room for improvement?

The practitioners at the Mindful Healing Clinic, a naturopathic wellness clinic in Streetsville, Mississauga, don’t think so.

With the right
information, the body
can heal itself

Dr. Maria Cavallazzi –

Dr. Maria is a naturopathic doctor who also holds a medical degree in her home country Colombia.

“Our role as practitioners is to provide this information to the best of our ability.”

If you’re interested in an approach to medicine that:

  • Is grounded in both conventional and naturopathic medicine.
  • Promotes your body’s innate healing power.
  • Achieves good health beyond the absence of illness.
  • Provides solutions geared to your body’s unique needs.

Then contact the Mindful Healing Clinic.

More About Us

Our Naturopathic Services

The Mindful Healing Clinic offers a variety of naturopathic services. Your naturopathic doctor will make a thorough assessment of your current level of health, being sure to pay attention to your health concerns. Then, based on their findings, they may recommend one or more of the services below:

In today’s fast-paced world, the unhealthiest foods are often the most convenient. The Mindful Healing Clinic can help make meal planning a breeze so you eat the foods you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Naturopathic cancer treatments can’t replace conventional medicine. They can, however, help minimize the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and keep your immune system strong throughout your cancer treatments.

Most of us know that eating vegetables is a good idea. But there’s more to nutrition than that. Proper nutrition can help you deal with a number of different health concerns. The Mindful Healing Clinic can help.

Allergies can be a mild inconvenience, or they can be life-threatening. Whatever allergens are affecting you, though, naturopathic medicine offers solutions which may help. From nutritional counselling to acupuncture and more, the Mindful Healing Clinic can help.

How To Find Our Naturopathic Clinic

The Mindful Healing Clinic is conveniently located along
Queen St. South, right in the middle of downtown Streetsville, Mississauga.

251 Queen St S, Unit 4
Mississauga, ON L5M 1L7

Free Customer Parking in the back

(905) 819-8200


Opening Hours

Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed Wednesday: 11am – 7 pm Thursday: 11am – 7 pm
Friday: Closed Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm Sunday: Closed

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Frequently Asked
Questions About
Naturopathic Medicine

What Is A Naturopathic Doctor?

A naturopathic doctor is someone who holds a doctor of naturopathic medicine or equivalent degree. They may practice naturopathic medicine in Ontario if they are licensed to do so by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. A doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND) degree is different than a doctor of medicine (MD) degree, though there are some people who hold both degrees.

What's The Difference Between Naturopathic And Conventional Medicine?

Both a naturopathic and a medical doctor are doctors, provide primary care, and are trained in many of the same areas of medicine, including human anatomy, microbiology, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and biochemistry. Naturopathic doctors, however, treat patients as individuals and address more factors than just physical, such as environmental, emotional, and lifestyle.

Medical doctors tend to address symptoms and use pharmaceutical or surgical approaches, while naturopathic doctors use more natural, less invasive means of treatment.

What Treatments Do Naturopathic Doctors Use?

Naturopathic doctors are trained in a variety of modalities, including clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and lifestyle counselling. Some naturopathic doctors are also trained in intravenous infusion therapy.

How Do I Know If A Naturopathic Doctor Is Licensed?

Here in Ontario, the governing body for naturopathic doctors is the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.
They maintain a registry on their website for licensed naturopathic doctors.

What Conditions Can Naturopathic Medicine Help With?

Naturopathic medicine can be used as a treatment for most forms of health concerns. In particular, it’s beneficial for those looking to promote overall wellness and disease prevention, those with chronic illnesses, or those who want to explore treatment options that reduce the harmful side effects that can sometimes come with conventional medicine.

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