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Does Reiki Really Work?

Does Reiki Really Work? | Mindful Healing | Naturopathic Doctor Mississauga

You probably associate the term “Reiki” with natural health clinics, but perhaps you have never tried it.

You may have had someone recommend it to you after they have had a good experience.

But when it comes down to it, what exactly is Reiki?

It may seem to you like a mysterious or even made up practice.

But Reiki is growing in popularity throughout North America, and despite the skeptics, many people have benefitted from the deep state of relaxation that it provides.

We offer Reiki healing in Mississauga at the Mindful Healing Clinic, and our clients have reported excellent results.

If you are curious about Reiki, read on.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing tradition that originated in Japan.

The word “Reiki” literally translates to “universal energy”.

The tradition uses the principle that a universal energy flows throughout everything and around our bodies, giving us life.

When we are injured, either physically or emotionally, this flow can be interrupted.

A Reiki practitioner works with you to improve the flow of energy around your body.

The outcome is similar to that of Mississauga acupuncture treatment, in which the body experiences a release of pressure or tension, encouraging healing.

Improving energy flow can help with common issues, and can serve as a:

But there are greater benefits for those with more serious health conditions, too.

What Is A Reiki Session Like?

Reiki sessions usually last for 45 to 60 minutes.

Much like a massage, when you arrive for your Reiki session you enter a quiet, private room and sit or lie on a massage table, fully clothed.

After an initial consultation to assess your needs, a customized session will begin.

The practitioner focuses their hands on specific areas of your head, neck, and torso, pausing on each area for two to five minutes.

You experience deep relaxation and occasionally some light headedness.

The practitioner works on the energy flow, often experiencing tingling in their hands, until it moves.

Your practitioner can work with the energy flow around your body without touching you, if that’s what you prefer.

What Are The Benefits Of Reiki?

The “ki” in Reiki comes from the Japanese word for energy, the same word (“chi”) that is in tai chi.

Reiki aids in relaxation and can be used to assist the body in its healing process, whether the issue is physical or emotional.

While Reiki should never be used as a replacement for medical treatment, clients undergoing chemotherapy, chronic fatigue, and depression have experienced Reiki’s healing benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the conditions for which Reiki has shown success.

1. Reiki For Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any portion of your gastrointestinal tract.

The condition is chronic and can be debilitating or even life threatening, but Reiki can serve as a complementary natural solution for Crohn’s disease.

Reiki focuses on the energy blockage in the bowel to get it moving again, and those with Crohn’s disease often find relief from their symptoms after each session.

Participants in this study, who were suffering from Crohn’s disease, experienced positive changes after receiving healing therapy.

Clients also described feeling relaxed and calm following each session.

2. Reiki For Anxiety

Reiki is particularly useful as a natural anxiety treatment, since it’s calming for those experiencing issues with anxiety.

As the session begins, you enter an active meditative state, which can shift the anxious energy that has been surrounding you.

The result after a session can be a sense of calm, clarity, and even happiness as you emerge feeling energized and relaxed.

This study found Reiki to be effective in providing relief to cancer patients of their chronic anxiety, reporting a lowered rate of anxiety following Reiki sessions.

3. Reiki For Chronic Pain

There are many conditions that can result in chronic pain and affect your quality of life.

As many as one in five people will live with chronic pain in their lifetime.

As a result, many seek out solutions for how to deal with chronic pain naturally

Complementary therapy, including massage, Reiki, and acupuncture, is often used alongside medical treatment to help ease the sufferer’s pain.

Reiki is considered a safe and effective complementary therapy to ease symptoms associated with chronic pain conditions.

As well as addressing the physical pain by working with energy flow, Reiki targets the limbic system – the area of the brain in which you process emotions.

Reiki works on both a physical and an emotional level to calm and soothe your symptoms.

Studies comparing the outcome of Reiki sessions with a practitioner versus those done with an actor, or “sham Reiki”, found evidence to suggest that Reiki is effective to relieve chronic pain symptoms.

The study mentioned above in the section about anxiety relief also found that Reiki provided similar results with relieving chronic pain.

how reiki can help with fertility and pregnancy | Mindful Healing | Naturopathic Doctor Mississauga

4. Reiki For Infertility

Throughout history and across cultures, rituals have been used to help people to conceive.

This is because there are so many reasons that infertility can occur, regardless of gender.

Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive after one year of trying.

Difficulty can be attributed to genetics, hormonal imbalance, or disease, and there are many treatment options.

Success in conceiving after using healing touch Reiki sessions are documented in this case study.

The sessions included stimulation of reflexology points on the ankle to affect the uterus and ovaries.

The client was also able to use Reiki treatments as an alternative to medical pain relievers when giving birth.

5. Other Possible Uses Of Reiki

Reiki can help to ease symptoms for many other conditions, including:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Autism
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Heart disease

This is because patients suffering from these disorders can feel stressed, fearful, or their bodies are overwhelmed by the often invasive treatments they have to undergo.

Reiki should never be used to replace medical treatment for any of these conditions, rather, it can be very beneficial as a complementary therapy.

Can Reiki Harm You?

Reiki is a no contact practice, and therefore cannot harm you.

However, if a client decides to use Reiki in place of the recommended treatment for their condition, then this can become a serious health issue.

If you decide to try Reiki alongside your current treatment plan, then you could experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of this healing touch practice.

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Dr. Maria Cavallazzi is a medical doctor from Colombia where she practiced as a family physician for 8 years until she moved to Canada 16 years ago and became a naturopathic doctor in Mississauga.