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Feeling Tired? It May Be Chronic Fatigue

Feeling Tired? It May Be Chronic Fatigue | Mindful Healing | Mississauge Naturopathic Doctor


We’ve all been overtired after a long day or a late night, but with rest or sleep, we feel better.

This fatigue itself is a normal occurrence under some situations – no reason to go running to your local naturopathic doctor over that!

You may feel fatigued after that long test that had you up all night or after exercising.

Fatigue happens to a lot of people.

In fact, the prevalence of fatigue ranges from 7% to 45% in the general population.

This fatigue may be acute or chronic in nature.

With the acute kind of fatigue, rest will help you recover and get back to normal.

But, if you have been experiencing fatigue continuously for more than six months, it may be chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue is persistent and is not relieved by rest, and can interfere with daily activities.

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can worsen and cause an energy crash from physical or mental activity.

Generally, chronic fatigue is also accompanied by mental fatigue or brain fog and post-exertion malaise.

At the Mindful Healing Clinic, we find that naturopathic treatments may be effective in managing your chronic fatigue symptoms.

Read on to discover more about chronic fatigue syndrome, its causes, and possible treatments.

What Is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue is a constant state of feeling tired, weak, worn out, or drained, and can affect you physically, mentally, or both.

In fact, a study showed that 24% of patients consider fatigue to be a significant problem.

Chronic fatigue is also known as systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID).

This fatigue is commonly caused by a combination of lifestyle, psychological, social, and general wellbeing issues.

For some it is an underlying medical condition, but not always.

In fact, one study on fatigue found that no more than 10% of patients have a medical cause for their fatigue.

This condition can occur suddenly and impact people for years.

This disease can cause physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

The symptoms of this disease often mimic the flu.

A person may experience one or a number of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, and every person experiences the symptoms differently.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include:

Chronic fatigue occurs when these symptoms persist over a long period of time.

It may make it difficult to perform day to day activities, concentrate, or be motivated.

If you are experiencing these persisting symptoms, even with adequate sleep, you may be experiencing chronic fatigue.

These symptoms may overlap with other medical conditions.

For this reason, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Is It Chronic Fatigue, Or Am I Just Tired?

Many people will experience acute fatigue in their lifetime.

This occurs when you are tired for a brief period of time.

These normal or acute levels of tiredness can be resolved with a good night’s sleep.

This is important for your overall wellbeing.

For chronic fatigue, this rest and sleep does not alleviate the symptoms.

Fatigue can cause you to lack physical or mental energy and interfere with daily activities.

This tiredness can cause you to have difficulty remaining fully awake or alert during the day.

If you are persistently tired during the day, it can often be a sign of sleep apnea.

If you are dealing with sleep apnea, you may benefit from nutritional counselling services.

Most of these symptoms of tiredness usually have an identifiable cause and a likely remedy.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, on the other hand, has no apparent cause.

being aware of chronic fatigue is important in order to treat it | Mindful Healing | Mississauge Naturopathic Doctor

Causes Of Chronic Fatigue

The exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown.

Patients who report the symptoms to their doctors are often disregarded, and many patients receive delayed or no diagnosis.

There are no specific tests to diagnose chronic fatigue.

However, a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome depends on the duration and number of symptoms.

A diagnosis of chronic fatigue may occur if:

  • You experience these symptoms for more than 6 months
  • Other conditions are ruled out
  • You have 4 or more physical symptoms

Even though there are no definitive causes for chronic fatigue syndrome, there are studies into the possible causes.

These include studies on:

  • Immune system response to stress
  • Different types of infections
  • Stress levels alone
  • Energy production
  • Genetics

There are also some known risk factors.

For instance, gender statistics on chronic fatigue syndrome show that women are four times more likely to develop this condition.

Women may experience issues that may increase their risk for chronic fatigue.

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It is also more prevalent among patients in their 40s and 50s.

Those with certain medical or environmental conditions are also more at risk of chronic fatigue.

Thankfully, there are natural treatments available for each of these conditions to help reduce your risk of chronic fatigue.

There are a variety of situations that may cause chronic fatigue.

Read on to find out more.

1. Enzyme blockage

A recent study suggested a possible mechanism for chronic fatigue syndrome.

It suggested that a blockage of the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) is responsible for the chronic fatigue and other symptoms.

This enzyme is used in the conversion of carbohydrates to energy.

The lack of PDH causes the cells to switch to alternative fuels, causing a shortage of energy in the muscles and a buildup of lactate.

There is also the belief that chronic fatigue is an infectious disease with immunologic manifestations, the suggested agent being chlamydia pneumoniae.

2. Other Medical Conditions

Fibromyalgia can cause chronic fatigue-like symptoms.

It is accompanied by widespread pain and stiffness that can led to fatigue.

Both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome consists of body aches and persistent fatigue, so it may be difficult to know which one is causing your symptoms.

Other conditions which may experience fatigue as a symptom include:

Fatigue is also believed to be a common side effect of some conventional pharmaceutical drugs, especially those used for managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Antihistamines can also cause fatigue.

3. Psychiatric Illness

There is a strong connection between psychiatric illnesses and your risk of chronic fatigue.

Psychiatric illness is present in 60-80 percent of patients with chronic fatigue.

Up to three quarters of chronic fatigue patients also have mood or anxiety disorders.

Psychiatric conditions which may cause fatigue include:

Medications used to treat psychiatric disorders may also have fatigue as a potential side effect.

Both fatigue and psychiatric illnesses can cause sleep issues, headaches, trouble focusing and more.

It is important to speak to a healthcare provider to determine how to treat both, regardless of the cause of a specific symptom.

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Naturopathic treatment is available for chronic fatigue syndrome, depending on the underlying cause.

Management of symptoms, especially early on, may be associated with better outcomes.

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